Annexure II

Grants/ Financial assistances for organising Seminars, Conferences and Workshops in Social Science Research by the Eastern Regional Centre (ERC)

As per policy of the ICSSR and as recommended by the Advisory Committee of the Eastern Regional Centre (ERC), the Eastern Regional Centre provides partial financial assistance to research institutions, colleges, university departments and other academic bodies for organization of conferences, workshops, and seminars, on themes of contemporary relevance in different disciplines of social sciences.

The financial assistance is provided on the basis of requests received from interested scholars and academic bodies in the Prescribed Proforma (see annexure I) at least three months in advance from the date of commencement of the programme. All proposals are evaluated on the basis of merit.

How and When to Apply ?

The proposal for organising the seminar, conference, workshop must be submitted in the Prescribed Proforma to the ERC-ICSSR along with budget, sources of funds, list of participants, keypaper writers and a detailed programme for consideration at least three months in advance from the proposed dates of the event. The proposal should mention the name of the organizer and the affiliating institution forwarding the request. Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.

All proposals are considered on merit and grant approved as per the recommendation of the Committee.

Release of Grants

The sanctioned grant is released in two instalments. On approval, the first instalment amounting to 95 percent of the grant is released to the organizers. The remaining 5 percent of the grant is released after submission of utilization certificate and audited statement of accounts along with other materials relating to the event.

Submission of Reports and Audited Statement of Accounts

The organizers receiving the grants are required to send following materials/documents to the ERC-ICSSR on successful completion of the event.

  • Two complete sets of papers presented in the seminar, workshop, conference;
  • Audited statement of accounts for the expenditure incurred together with the utilization certificate for the total sanctioned amount; and
  • The summary of the proceedings of the programme highlighting the objectives/findings/recommendations and the names of important participants.
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