Annexure I : Study Grant

1.  Objectives :

The purpose of the study grant is to provide financial assistance to Ph.D. scholars in the field of social sciences for consulting libraries/archives/data centers in different cities/towns in India for collecting research material.

2.  Eligibility: :
  • A Ph.D scholar in social sciences, who is registered for Ph.D. in any recognized universities within the jurisdiction of the Eastern Regional Centre (ERC) i.e. the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is to apply to the Director of the Eastern Regional Centre of the ICSSR.
  • A scholar who is not receiving any financial assistance from ICSSR, UGC, any other agency is entitled to get financial assistance under this scheme.
  • Social Scientists who want to revise their doctoral thesis for which a degree has already been awarded are not eligible to get financial assistance under this scheme.

    Applications for the financial assistance under this scheme are to be sent in the prescribed form along with the recommendation of the Head of the University Department/Research Institution. Format of application form is given at AnnexureI. The application for a grant under this scheme can be made throughout the year but will be placed before a committee, which will meet four times in a year i.e. January, April, July and October. The students are required to send their applications sufficiently in advance of their proposed visit keeping this calendar in mind.
  • The Ph.D. scholar should indicate the name and address of a principal library/institution, he or she wants to visit, so that the concerned ERC- ICSSR /NASSDOC-ICSSR can send a request to the institutions for providing all necessary assistance/guidance.

3.  Details of entitlement :

A scholar availing this facility is entitled to the following :

  • Reimbursement of Second Class/Sleeper rail fare/bus (a combination of both is also permissible) from the place of his/her residence/university where scholar is registered for Ph.D. to the place of visit (where libraries are located) and back. A scholar is allowed to visit two cities by round trip via shortest route.
  • A fixed daily allowance @ Rs.400/- to meet boarding and lodging expenses during the visit for a maximum period of 30 days in a financial year.
  • An additional amount of Rs. 1000/- to meet local conveyance and other miscellaneous expenses.

4.  Duration of stay :
  • The sanctioned period of the Study Grant would be mentioned in the sanction letter issued to each study grantee.
  • The sanctioned period of the Study Grant can be utilized by the scholar in more than one trip, if required, with the prior approval of the Eastern Regional Centre of Indian Council of Social Science Research.
  • The travel cost will be reimbursed for only one round trip from the place of residence/ university

5.  Payment :
  • Payment of the sanctioned grant for a visit is made direct to the awardee on receipt of bills and copies of tickets.
  • Payment will be made through cheque by the Eastern Regional Centres of Indian Council of Social Science Research.

6.  Final Report :
  • Name of the library(ies) or archive(s) visited in the area for collecting material for research.
  • Attendance Certificate from the library(ies)
  • List of publications consulted in library(ies)
  • A brief account on how the visit has benefited the awardees.

Notes :

The Application Forms are available with the Director, Eastern Regional Centres and Director, NASSDOC. It can also be downloaded from the ERC-ICSSR / ICSSR website: under the heading : Various Application Forms’.
Photocopies of the form can also be used.

The Ph.D. scholar should immediately acknowledge the receipt of the sanction letter and intimate probable date of arrival to the Director, Eastern Regional Centre, 10, Jadunath Sarkar Road ( Lake Terrace), Kolkata 700 029.

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